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5 best foods for hair growth

5 Best Foods For Hair Growth

Are you searching for the best foods for hair growth? If so, you have landed on the right page. Hair is made of a long string of dead keratin cells, on average your head has 100-150 thousand hairs. You lose about 100 strands of hair per day, but the moment you start noticing more hair on your brush should trigger the alarm. Hair loss or alopecia can be as a result of aging or other conditions like diabetes, stress, vitamin deficiency, lack of sleep, and autoimmune disorders.

Research has shown that making comprehensive dietary changes can help in thickening your hair and preventing against hair loss. If protecting those Goldie locks is important to you, then the time is ripe for you to make some dietary changes and start filling your plates with the right types of healthy and nutritious foods that contribute to healthy, voluminous hair.

In a bid to make life easy for you, we have compiled a list of the 5 best foods to eat for stopping hair loss. All the foods on our list will provide you with sufficient dietary intake of copper, iron, zinc, beta-carotene, silica, Vitamin A, B, and C, and sulfur. These nutrients form an integral part of good dietary habits geared towards boosting hair growth.

5 Best foods for hair growth Check Below list

Nuts And Seeds


To keep your hair supple and prevent it from breaking you must incorporate nuts and seeds into your meal plan. Nuts add incredible amounts of oils to the elastin in your hair. They are also a good source of vital minerals, antioxidants, and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. According to one study increasing your dietary intakes of these nutrients will reduce hair and immensely improve your hair growth. Some of the nuts and seeds you can consume include;

Pumpkin Seeds

A half cup of roasted pumpkin seeds will give you about 19% of your daily requirement of zinc which is an indispensable mineral in preventing hair loss.


Almonds are amongst the best sources of vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant because it absorbs UV light energy thereby protecting your skin cells. One ounce of roasted almonds supply 15mg of the daily requirement of vitamin E.


Oats are an excellent source of fiber, iron, zinc, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are powerful in stimulating the growth of thick and healthy hair.

Other great nuts and seeds include; flaxseeds, walnuts, sunflower, sesame, and grape seed.



One of the reasons you may be losing hair is due to a lack of sufficient vitamin D and iron in your body. Consuming a lot of vegetables is one of the best ways to boost your daily intake of these two nutrients. The following are some of the vegetables that will give you the best shot at slowing your hair loss.


Spinach is rich in iron and has a high content of vitamin C, a vital nutrient that aids absorption of iron in the body. This makes spinach one of the best foods for hair growth, especially when combined with hard boiled eggs or sautéed in an omelet.


Eating carrots will make your hair grow faster and healthier thanks to its high content of vitamin A. Carrots contain essential nutrients that protect your hair from external damage. If you are really looking to grow long and lustrous hair, be sure to include these beta-carotene rich tubers into your diet.


Lentils are rich in iron, zinc, biotin, and protein, and supply incredible amounts of folic acid to your body. Folic is a vital nutrient that boosts the production of healthy red blood cells, which supply the oxygen necessary to foster a healthy environment for hair growth on your scalp and skin.



Some of the best foods for hair growth are those that are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to several hair-related ailments that negatively impact your hair growth. Vitamin C is a key component in the formation of sebum that covers the hair follicles to protect them from breakages. When you consume sufficient amounts of this essential vitamin it helps to produce sebum in the skin.

Additionally, vitamin C boosts the absorption of iron and has powerful antioxidant properties. It destroys the free radicles that make your hair weak, thin, and brittle. Some of the vitamin C rich foods for hair growth include; papaya, guava, citrus fruits, mangos, watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries, and kiwi fruits.


fish for hair loss

To grow healthy hair strands and maintain their strength requires that you get plenty of protein. Protein is an indispensable building block of keratin which is a key hair structural component. Marine-based protein is one of the smartest choices for boosting your health.

salmon fish

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which generously feed oil glands around the hair follicles. This helps lubricate hair thereby giving it added luster and restores its natural shine. Salmon is also a good source of incredible amounts of high-quality protein, vital minerals, and essential vitamins (i.e. vitamin B complex). All these nutrients contribute immensely to the proper growth of your hair and aid in solving all hair-related problems like dry hair.

halibut fish

Halibut like a number of other types of fish contains plenty of iron and magnesium, two of the most important minerals in preventing hair loss.

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Lean poultry meat is one of the best meats to help you solve your hair related problems. Chicken contains a high content of protein that are a critical building block of keratin. Eggs, on the other hand, are rich in biotin which is an important vitamin in strengthening the growth of hair and brittle fingernails.

Dairy products like the Greek yogurt provide plenty of proteins to your body. Yogurt is also rich in pantothenic acid, which is incredibly important in circulation and helping the flow of blood to your scalp.


If you want to achieve the mane you dream of, you must consume these healthy foods for hair growth. Eating the right types of food and maintaining a healthy diet is the ultimate secret to shiny, thick, and strong hair, not some fancy salon treatment or expensive shampoo. Therefore, by including these foods into your diet opens the door to better-looking hair.

Also, do not limit yourself to only the food mentioned on this list. Research other types of food that will give you plenty of vitamin A & C, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, zinc, iron, vitamin D, and protein and get creative with ways to mix them into your daily dietary routine.

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