Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Will your protein hurt my stomach?
A. Absolutely not! We source our whey from New Zealand, and it is the highest quality on the market! There is no heat or chemicals used in the dehydration of our whey. It is cold temperature pressed so there isn't any "denaturing" of the product. This leaves the product more bioavailable to your body for use and absorption.

Q. When is the best time to take my supplements?
A. There are instructions on each product, but we understand a little more structure is helpful. Here is a FREE PDF with our founder, Maggie Turley's personal daily supplement routine.

Q. Does creatine make you gain weight?
A. Yes and no! Creatine helps to hydrate the muscle. A hydrated muscle will recover faster, have better endurance, and better strength. The water that is being pulled into the muscle can make the scale increase a little bit. BUT, you will actually look a bit more lean! With full happy muscles, you may look more "toned", and that's exactly the type of gains we want! After the first few weeks of taking creatine, the muscles will be saturated and no more weight gain will happen.

Q. I have a specific question I'd like to ask, how can I get answers?
A. Awesome! Go to the "Contact Us" tab, submit your questions, and we'll reply promptly! It's our mission to make sure you're taken care of!